Bad showroom experience at indiranagar

I was quite surprised to see that I was not greeted and nobody bothered to ask me what I want in a showroom filled with ather representatives for a full 25 mins I hope the showroom experience is not indicative of the attitude of the people after sales . I have seen fantastic products let down by callous customer service Has other people had this experience or is mine an isolated incident ?


This is odd and as far a I know in my experience it is an isolated incident. People at experience centre Indiranagar are so attentive and so nice they even ask those who come to charge also if any thing is required and even offer coffee.

Irrespective of weather we are existing customers or new one who came to know about product or the one who booked the vehicle, they attend every one so politely and also will explain everything you want to know about the product in detail. This is a miss I guess.


My experience was good. may be there were too many customers and fewer reps… end of the day you need to live with a product and your interaction with a sales rep will be once or twice max… I had worse experience with ICE vehicle showrooms but that doesn’t mean I won’t buy a car just because someone in the sales rep didn’t attend me on time… service rep not responding is a different story… I will be worried but showroom, I would not care too much if I really like the product