Auto Turn Off of Indicators

Is it possible by OTA update to give us an option to disable auto-switch off of turn indicators? It has given me scarier moments as it turns off even before the turn is completed when turns are being taken slowly and in scooter upright positions. In thick of traffic it is not correct for the turn indicators to switch off. If it is not possible to give this option, set right the working of the system. Kindly have a review.

Yes I have experienced this many times. Needs some corrections or solutions.

Makes sense! This feature could be as simple as a toggle switch in Settings alongside the one for Guide-me-home light.

This feature was requested multiple times since beginning of 2019. Though the auto-off has improved when compared to the initial days, it is still not fully reliable. During turns, I usually press the switch few times to avoid it from turning off.

But, if an option to disable is there, I will surely use it until this becomes accurate.