Authentication ,speed control and parental control

I have recently brought Ather 450X and in my family, all will use my scooter so my brother is a harsh driver and I would like to keep his profile up to ride mode only so my scooter will be in good condition, so I think we need to have a pattern lock or password lock for protection like if scooter goes to sleep while turning back on the scooter we need to insert password or patter to ride and I like to have a feature like push notification on the user who is using my scooter and at what top speed they have gone. In app-only we can set the user who is using. This will be a premium feel and there will be security too.


I am a strong supporter for password and that is a very important feature than many features. Since incognito mode is also inbuilt in dashboard ot self ot is very important. Many users already requested for the same previously also I am one of them.

Note to moderators: I feel this post has to be in existing feature requests topic.