Atherstack Atom - 10.1.4

Hey Ather 450X & 450 Plus Owners,

We’re rolling out the next OTA update (10.1.4) with a few improvements and bug fixes. This update carries improvements that enhance your riding experience and safety. A special thanks to all our @Early-Access owners, who have been testing and sharing feedback on the update for the last few weeks!


  • New safety measure: Side stand sensor behaviour is updated to ensure the motor now turns off when the side stand is deployed while riding at a low speed. This change would make your rides safer in case:

    1. The side stand is unintentionally deployed.
    2. You forget to turn off the motor once you deploy the side stand.
  • Dashboard turning on when the vehicle is switched off is fixed.

  • Repeated ‘charging done’ messages while the scooter is fully charged is fixed.

  • Favourites added on your Ather app now show up on the dashboard.

  • A newly added cautionary message will be displayed when the charger is locked to avoid damage to the charger plug.

  • Few occurrences of dashboard rebooting are fixed.


  • For extended usability, the motor fan on/off behavior is updated.

Bluetooth related improvements (Ather 450X only)

  • Bluetooth on the dashboard will now automatically disconnect from your phone a few seconds after the key is turned off.

The update might take a day or two to get downloaded and installed on your scooter. If this is the first time you’re installing an OTA update, you can refer to this post for instructions on installations.