Atherstack 11.5.8-202335 + Dummy Update!

Did anyone receive software update over Atherstack 11.5.8-202335?

I had 11.5.8-202335, which was received 2 weeks back. Yesterday there was a notification (:bell:) and it was saying “New Udpate Availale”. So I charged the vehicle 80% and installed the update at night. Very curious to know what is there in the update. It took around 15-20 mins of my life :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and installed and restarted. After restarting when I checked the version it was still 11.5.8-202335 and What’s New was showing the same text that was there before.

The update what I got yesterday was a dummy update! Did anyone (Beta Tester) receive that update and explain me what was changed in that version?

It’s nothing new it’s an update to stop their services for non paid users/it gets enabled if u have paid for Ather connect


I think this update was to show this message.


How to reset trip after this update?.I am unable to reset it.

Sorry to say but u can’t

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You will have to pay ₹10 for every reset i think :thinking:


Useless updates only worst…even reset trip is blocked…

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