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This thread can be used for the ather youtube community to share their videos of their ather’s or anything related to it. Just wanted to give Aditya Prabhakar a shout out,he is giving real time feedback about his ather do check him out guys,the main thing that excited me is he is planning to do a whole south India trip on his ather starting from vijayawada and a trip from Vijayawada to Goa,check his vlog tomorrow morning at 7 am(sep 13th) as he travels 275kms with his ather from Vijayawada to Hyderabad, really excited for this fellow vlogger!! Check out his channel below!

Honourable mentions are Vidyut Vahanam and md films.


How many of you think this is a paid collab? Or is it just me :man_shrugging:t2:

It’s clearly written “includes paid promotion”

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Ya it’s a paid promotion and it’s mentioned at the start of the video.

It didn’t show up for me as I watched it on mobile browser 🤦🏻

Quite nice video. :slight_smile: Especially the invisible part. The people who are sitting quite low, are they riding classics which make a lot of sound and are a favourite of traffic cops? :wink:

PS. No negatives, just my view.


This a vlog that he shot on his way to Hyderabad from Vijayawada on his ather in a single day! 280 kms done in 19.5 hrs

A special trip now coming up either from Hyderabad or Vijaywada to Basara 480/200 odd kms respectively This time a epluto 7g owner is joining him, waiting for that vlog to be out soon,the next trips are going to be a whole south India tour,will be very exciting to see which hotels allow him to charge so we can follow the same plan. It’s my dream and as of now he is leaving it,with FC’s on Highways or a fast portable charger I am up for it even today.


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