Ather warranty

My Ather serviced at the following mileages. Since there’s no Ather Service center nearby, the EC where I purchased vehicle arranged service campaigns.

5k - 5200 10k - 12000 15k - 17500 Does this void vehicle’s warranty ?

Furthermore, I would like to subscribe for extended battery warranty for 5years. any suggestions on the warranty terms?


Wait, what is this

You can always buy pack for peace of mind but as The CEO said its not necessary as they believe their Battery pack is build to last more than 7 years.


Hey, Surendra! Please be informed that your vehicle warranty is applicable for 3 years from the date of purchase or a running distance of 30,000 kms. Additionally, just check out our Ather Battery Protect for more information on extending the warranty of your battery. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply… my question is 15k service delayed till 17k due to service center is far from my place. Does this void warranty ? Technician at the new service center (Rajahmundry) told me due to the delay in service no warranties applicable on my vehicle. Is it true ?

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Nowhere in the terms of Ather this page says the term of warranty will be void if periodic service is not carried out.

Detailed Liability is here