Ather TPMS - Unobvious, but really useful connected device

So, I got the Ather TPMS for a month as of today. Quite a relief, because I do not have to bend my back twice every week with my portable compressor nor have a ticking in the back of my head to visit that fuel pump on the way. A worthy addition to the connected experience.

Upgrade Operation

Since mine was one of the first scooters to get the TPMS fitted in the Kochi EC, our rockstars (shoutout to the team!) took a while to experiment and get it ironed in. The EC was understaffed during these days too, and I did not want to pressure them. It took them two days to reach to my scooter and another two to complete the operation. During this period, our phones (my wife and me have the app installed) were receiving low pressure warnings occasionally, keeping us excited.

The beginning

I got my TPMS-fitted scooter back on 10th May 2022, and the first thing I did after playing around in the app was to overfill the tyres as a test. A few of us at Kochi were trying to solve the obnoxious tyre leak problem for a handful of scooters here and some found an overfilled tyre had lesser loss. So I went ahead and pushed 35 psi on both tyres. The readings were quite accurate to the inflator in the premium tyre shop I went to. I did not monitor much for the first few days because of life in general.

Settling time

There was a weird few hours with the system that showed a huge list of readings within the range of 28 psi to 35 psi. This settled quite fast and normalized at 34 and 35 psi, front and rear respectively. The readings were consistently decreasing in sane levels thereafter, and did not find any loss of sync to the TPMS readings anytime.

Passing of time

The readings of tyre pressure varied over the day in idle conditions. Nights would show a drop of 2-4 psi depending on weather. Rides of 1 km or more increased the pressure by 2 psi at least. the readings after 20 days was 31 and 32 psi front and rear respectively. The pressure was dropping more after this, apparently. Day 30, and it has been 2 days since I have been receiving warnings that my rear tyre is at 27 at nights, while the front is 28.

Notifications and Warnings

Since June 8th night, I have been receiving warnings about the rear tyre having low pressure. I went out to verify on the dashboard, and lo! there is a new icon on the scooter!

The warnings come by at night, when the temperature gets low. Jacques Charles, who has a law named after him about this. Mornings show a normal temperature and no notifications or warning lights.


No much bugs found found yet, except that if you click the low pressure notification on your phone, it takes you to the TPMS page, but with 0 psi on the readings. The readings show normal values if accessed directly through the app. I am yet to report this one.


It is worth the price. No more tension on when to fill air. Since my test at the tyre shop, I can firmly say it is much more accurate than your average fuel pump meters. Also, the readings are internal to the system and not from a valve; what experimenters call in situ; and is more reliable. I can now stretch my back and strike out one thing from my weekly chores and a nagging thought on peaceful rides. Thanks to technology and Ather!


I have also getting delivery of my 450x in 2 days and getting tpms also fitted in it though it seems costly but i twill be worth I hope so so can you provide some more details as I have discussed all things with dealer they said that you are getting new scooter so it will be so easy to put tpms at the time of new vehicle as they have to configure software according to it and later on it takes time to set software so it will be so easy at that time and they are saying that it will be worth every penny you spend can you give some opinion on your tpms and readings features accuracy , performace etc …:sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses: Excited to join Ather community in 2-3 days yayyy :blush::blush::fire::fire:


Welcome, and we all have been there, and I know you cannot hold back your excitement!

It is a good choice to get TPMS. I have the Mi Compressor, but rarely use it because I find it easier to let the pump / tire guys do it with the push-on nozzle. A lot of us do see an unordinary pressure loss on tires for reasons unknown yet. Like i mentioned, the peace of mind that comes by as you pass every other fuel bunk is just like cruising along in :zap: Warp mode.

You might want to take note that the TPMS valve is stiff than the normal valve, which is (double) pain because of the placement. I was thinking to place the valve turning right on an upcoming service, if it is possible at all with TPMS placement.

You can notice both cold pressure and warm pressure, which I say, is a good thing.

Bro I have also got tpms in my beast yesterday while taking delivery and i did a air top up last night i didn’t get any issues brother while filling air ya tpms nozzles are stiff not flexible like normal tyre without tpms but i didn’t get any issue while filling air it is easy and tpms is great to have the air filling guy was also getting shock to first the Ather and than know about tpms and i explained him in detail thoughtfully he liked the Ather to much and i was like a great product I have purchased with great market attention grabbing machine so nice to have Ather with tpms installed :star_struck:

But bro can you tell a thing that today i have ridden it in rain and lost 1-1 psi in both tyres rear and front and after 2 hrs of standby time also there is same pressure as you know air expands while riding so i checked them after is water eats air or what :joy::joy: or rain eats air :joy:

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Enjoy being the eye candy while it lasts! Soon the town will be bustling with wheeeeeeeee!

Happens because air, unlike humans, obey laws (of physics)


Oh ya i like the Ather sound so in love with its sound wheeeeee and bikes driver see what happen when I takeoff from there side and one guy today literally abused :joy: oh f*** what goes is this a rocket or what and i literally take a side and stopped and first laughed so much for 5-10 minutes than i continued my riding and is 25wh km efficiency good i have ridden 50-55 kms on sports mode and bro tell me law of physics as i am commerce student :joy::smile:

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