Ather stack 6.0

I hope you determine a specific mix bag that’s gives you honest feedback. Because so far every time an OTA is sent, coincidentally it leaves bugs in my vehicle. The current one has Bluetooth getting disconnected frequently and I have been told by CS and workshop team that it MIGHT get fixed in next OTA. They are not even sure if that will be fixed. Hope 6.0 doesn’t leave such bugs.


Can you please elobrate this new feature, when i started noticing i also thought it was software bug.


The Ather stack has a feature known as wings of power. The wings of power basically represents the amount of power you are using. Smart Eco is a mode where the power is dynamically adjusted by the software depending on your riding style and conditions to achieve true range of the scooter. So in Smart Eco, if you use more power the span of the Wings of Power is less, if you ride efficiently the span of wings of power is high.