Ather Space: Test Ride Experience

They told me mid Jan but also said if I make the full payment they can give me one from the next lot that arrives. There the 300+ pending bookings in Goa but many are waiting for subsidy to be announced.

Looks like there is way more demand than production . I have been told 45 days and made full payment 20 days back. They still dont have vehicles in stock.

Strange as overall sales of Ather have dropped.

Just vahaan data issues. Oct was highest at 3.6k. And yes, some short term supply issues for Nov.


Oh ok. Even I was surprised when I heard that sales had dropped. BTW are you planning to target the rental scooter market in Goa. There are a huge number of petrol scooters being rented out to tourists.


Hope this wont mean i loose out on state subsidies as it ends on 31st :relaxed:

Not a big focus yet. Got to crack the consumer side first.

I second this. Hope Ather considers accelerating plans for rentals in Goa, there seems to be a sizeable market. I would love to rent an EV next time I visit.

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Was the S340 ever launched. Can’t find much info on this forum. Most of the discussion is on the 450 and now the 450X. Nothing much being discussed on the 450 Plus too.

s340 was launched alongside the 450 as a budget model but the sales was not that great and so they discontinued it as most people went for the 450 because of better features at that time compared to the latter.

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@P3T3R_GOA to be more precise, pre-orders were very few for s340(around 5% vs 450 as per my recollection) so they cancelled the model altogether, no sales actually happened.


Ohh didn’t know that, thanks for clarifying :+1:t4: