Ather Seat Cover: Sponsored by Ather

I was also one of the few lucky Ather users & who was selected to review Athers new seat cover. So here is my review after using it for about 3 weeks.

Installation I had to go to the JP Nagar service center to get it installed. Installation seemed easy with light pulls, placement of the cover over the existing seat & locking it with two Velcro straps to lock it in place. It was installed within a few minutes and can also be installed by the user as well.

Visual appeal & Quality The quality of the seat cover is good; there is small amount of cushion and thickness. The outer material feels nice & is soft. The fit & finish along with the sewing is excellent with no open ends or misalignment. I have noticed other Ather seat covers (while charging) where the finish and quality were sub-par. There are multiple designs available, so that is a plus. Depending on your scooter color & taste you can choose the one which suits you best. The cover which I was given was good visually but I would have preferred if the color in the middle was something other than silver as I feel that it is a little tacky. They also do mention that it has UV resistance and doesn’t discolor over time while having a years warranty.

Functionality The basic seat in Ather is somewhat hard and his cover provides an small layer of cushion. Also the rubber like soft material reduces slipping of our buttocks to the front while driving for longer time. It makes the ride more comfortable. Since it is little thick and is installed over the existing seat, closing the seat after accessing the storage box is a little difficult. We need to apply some extra pressure to close it. I had hoped that because of this there would be no leakage of water inside the storage box during cleaning & rain. But I observed that there is still some seepage of water into the under side of the cover but it is a lesser than before.

These are my notes & observations. Hope it helps you make a good decision while buying a good seat cover for your Ather. Below are few images for reference.

Seat cover

Opened seat with velcro straps and some water seeped in the corners after a wash


I bought it for 999rs recently, Fit and finish is good and premium as it’s a official accessory but u still be sliding forward whenever u apply brakes

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True, it still does slip forward during sudden braking, but little less when compared without any seat cover

Using it from last few months …it is slipaary but that’s okay , th biggest disadvantage is it is not for monsoon as it is not water proof

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