Ather seat cover review (Sponsored)

Hey guys,

I was one of the lucky few who got a chance to try out Ather’s new seat cover and here are my thoughts on it:


Once contacted by the Ather team, it took about a month for the actual installation to take place. I went to Ather’s Hassan SC to get the seat cover installed and it turned out to be rather simple. The seat cover straps in with the help of a velcro and fits snugly.


  • The quality of the material is great and I found no issues with it after using it for over a month.
  • The variant which I got (there’s 3 different variants iirc) offered better grip and the problem with the stock seats of pushing the rider down whenever one hit the breaks was alleviated by quite a bit to my delight.
  • The aesthetics of the seat cover are a lot better than what’s available online/offline and increases the overall appeal of the vehicle. In fact, I had quite a few Ather owners ask me about the seat cover impromptu.


  • You need to put a little more effort to lock the boot since the seat cover is quite thick.
  • The price might seem a little steep but I’ll give that a pass considering the quality.


Hey, how much did the seat cover cost you and did they charge you anything for installing it?

Any other accessories you purchased from Ather?

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I was given the seat cover for free for the purpose of reviewing it. You can get it from your nearest Ather EC for Rs. 999 though. Please refer to the below link for more details:

Coming to the installation part, it is free and barely takes a couple of minutes since its just a velcro strap. In fact, you can do it yourself and I wish Ather delivered it online like their helmets, avoiding riders the hassle of having to go to the EC for what is a very trivial installation process.

I have bought all the accessories that Ather has on offer: Helmet, TPMS, Frunk, Floor Mat, Seat Cover, Body Guard and Side Stand xD

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