Ather screen protector

Can anyone suggest a good screen protector for my ather ,the only one which I can find on Amazon is for Rs.600.

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I am using this one so far its good.


Check this out. I’m using this

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Hi, how do I order one ?

kindly avoid protector because the glass on the top is gorilla glass so if u add a lamination to protect it will increase more heat to the panel so kindly avoid it

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I think You can search in as Ather 450x screen gaured it will show.

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Contact the person mentioned in the post. He’ll ship one out to you.

For me Ather service Team apply the Screen protector when given for service .

I have a query with regards to the touchscreen display. Should we put a screen guard on the display. Because I have a fear that the touchscreen display will develop scratches. @atherenergy1 kindly advise

You can. Its a protection end of the day. Many of us have it. Does not effect the working of the touch. I have got this one

Saco Ultra Clear Glossy HD Screen Guard Scratch Protector for Ather S450 Scooter’S Touch Screen Panel Display

Go to ather service they will apply for free… it’s best screen protector (3M Brand)

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I had asked them but they had said that do not apply because it may damage the screen and also get stuck to the display and may make the touch screen non responsive

Someone from Ather should jump in on this and inform since there are many new buyers who may not know the details of stuff and warranty guidelines. Hope it’s application doesn’t void warranty.

In Bangalore they only apply… when u go to service… we all got from service center only…

I have purchased my 450x from mumbai and they haven’t provided the screen guard. Why is there such differentiation between states with regards to providing something simple such as a screenguard


They only apply when u go for service…Wait for some time brother, they are going to launch acessisers soon… from there u can buy

A screen guard is not a standard accessory. A batch of 450s had an issue where the glue used to keep the touchscreen would yellow after prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. This would result in a light yellowish tint on the screen. To avoid this Ather proactively applied a screen guard to prevent UV related yellowing.

Others have got it done at local mobile accessories shop or from a seller on Amazon.

Does this work for Ather 450x? Almost all products that I see on Amazon and other websites are for Ather S450. Is the screen size same?

I just want a thin film to avoid scratches.

Yes it does.