Ather ride in hill stations

Recently took my Ather 450 to Yercaud. The hill top is around 43 Kms from my home and it completely dried up all battery during uphill. Many had an doubt whether an e scooter will climb hills and mine made them to believe that it can. The unexpected part of the uphill drive is the entire ride was in eco mode(used Ride and sport couple of times to overtake). Attaching the ride statistics and the final outcome is that uphill ride reduces the range.

When returning back, throughout the entire downhill ride it did not affect battery’s charge and the percentage remained same.

I had a expectation that it will regeneration and reach 100% but it did not happen. Can ather make use of regeneration more so that the range can be extended?

Can we get some fast charging portable solutions which would make long distance rides much convenient?


Regen is limited to 3-4% of the battery capacity. A Request to allow customized regen settings has been in the feature request pipeline for a long time now!


Thanks for the info. :slight_smile:

An interesting and informative read on regenerative braking and its efficiency across different segments of EVs.

“ For smaller EVs such as personal electric vehicles, the numbers aren’t quite as optimistic. On multiple electric bicycles with regenerative braking options, I’ve generally averaged around 4-5% regeneration, with a maximum of around 8% in hilly areas.”

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@rsrinivasang Same here from Salem. I was able to make uphill and was low on battery power so had to charge my vehicle and then return back.

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That’s cool to hear bro :).

Hey @rsrinivasang and @Rajavel thanks for sharing!. Can you also share the altitude you covered in general? Would help us gain more insight to such trip plans.

I climbed around 1500 Mts altitude bro. It all depends on the vehicle load, drive pattern bro. But for sure plan with a charging point at destination. Please find complete details below,

Home to Foothills - 22 Kms (Eco Mode) Used around 15 % of battery. Foothill to top around 22 KMs (Eco Mode + ride and Sport mode for overtaking) Used around 80 % of battery.

When i reached my destination point the remaining charge was 5%.

Note: The range really varies when you are driving in hills. It showed 65 Kms range but in 600 meters it turned to 64 because of uphill drive in some places.

My general advice is unless you have sufficient charging time and place then you can take your ather. It will never disappoint you on any type of roads.