Ather New Design Suggestions

  1. Replacing the mono-suspension ( stiffer) with conventional suspension (50% soft spring(bottom) and 50% regular stiffer spring(top)) will give some room for the motor to move a little bit backward and there will be some more space to place a large battery like 4 KWh. (30% larger battery will give 100+ Kilo Meters of True Range). Stiffer suspensions lead to back pain.


Replace the current battery with TOYOTA’s Fluoride-ion (Solid State) batteries for longer range.

  1. Replacing the current slim MRF tyres with the tyres as in TVS NTorQ will give more grip and look awesome.

    Current Ather 450/450X tyre Size : 90/90 - 12 (Tubeless)

    NTorQ Tyre Size: Front Tyre Size : 100/80 – 12 (Tubeless) Rear Tyre Size : 110/80 – 12 (Tubeless)

  2. Add a side footrest for the people sitting & hanging their legs on one side of Ather 450/X

  3. Grab Rail design must be changed (something stylish or as in Activa or NTorQ or as in Pulsar)

  4. Over all , widening the Ather 450’s body by 10% more size will give even more space for battery and boot space and a stunning look.

  5. Poor mud guard design at front and back on Ather needs to be changed. people driving back side of Ather will curse us for spraying mud on their Vehicle and as well their face during rainy days.

  6. With 3G/4G connectivity, wifi connectivity must be added with the vehicle to update the Offline Google maps as in smartphone every 30 days via home wifi and if the wifi feature is added We can select OTA updates only via WiFi which will be faster and saves 3G/4G data charges for Ather and the subscription plan amount can be slightly reduced since the data is not used that much.

  7. Google assistant or voice search must be added with the google maps on the dashboard to avoid typing. (and also pls include the ability to connect with bluetooth headset or earbud for voice navigation assistance and so that we can hear the navigation voice alerts via earbuds while driving)

  8. Snapdragon processor with minimum 2 GHz and Octa core processor is must since 450X is using Android for better UI performance. OR go for better GPU like Adreno 620+

  9. improved Touch Sensitivity and Corning Gorilla glass 5/6 protection must be added.

  10. Shiny plastic or metal body around the dashboard will give more premium look and feel. Current plastic body around the touch screen will become white after 2 or 3 years of parking the vehicle on direct sunlight and if we do monthly water wash.

  11. Fast charger must be provided/installed at home for those who pay/opt for battery subscription… (can’t pay monthly 1700 and also wait for 5 hours to charge it fully) (As per the battery subscription plan , replace the battery if the mileage is reduced below 80%)

  12. Add handbrake ( especially in inclined road traffic signal and parking ) [thanks @bharath5408 ]

  13. Fully Automated Battery swap station instead of charging station (like NIO ES8 's 3-minute battery Swap Station. )

  14. Center Stand is must to avoid the vehicle from moving when parked on inclined road (like a slope) or place. ( Thanks @umesh.garnaik ) and hand brakes will help here.

  15. Soft brushes should be placed near the wheel and belt to clean the mud or atleast dust automatically while the scooter is running.


I would suggest Ather Energy to do some really good research and enhancements on Super Capacitor Batteries which can be fully charged within 10 minutes, small in size. (Super Capacitor Batteries as same size as the current Lithium ion battery in Ather can increase the battery capacity by minimum 50%. We can have like 6kWh battery pack in the same size for more range (may be 200 kms) and fastest charging) and the life span of Super capacitor batteries are atleast 10 years. But the cost is 10 times higher than Li-ion batteries.

if Ather can improve and make it affordable as Tesla did for Lithium ion. Then No one can beat Ather.

Vote if you like and your suggestions are welcomed

Add one More 11. Need Hand brake ( especially in inclined road traffic signal and parking )


These changes sounds damn cool, they can pretty much make it a perfect scooter in the EV industry in India! can i get your email ID? i would like to have a good conversation on this.

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Talking about the software and tech side,

Although the point of having an option to update Maps and install OTA Updates make sense and will help them in cutting some cost and most of the people will be ok with it but I feel instead of focusing only on a “Smart Scooter” Ather is focusing on making a “Connected Smart Scooter” which have it’s own benefits and is future ready.

Considering that 450x is going to have Android Based Dashboard, Google Assistant will be a nice and easy addition in that tech stack. Using DialogFlow AI we can also expect some exclusive Ather specific additions in Google Assistant too.

Bluetooth Headset/Earbud support is also likely to happen as Ather must be using similar kind of tech for it’s Smart Helmet.

Just because it has Android Dashboard that doesn’t mean you can start comparing it’s specs with a mobile/tablet.

Qualcomm Snapdragon Chipsets is okay because of their optimisations but Minimum 2Ghz Octa Core Processor doesn’t seem to be of much use to me. I’m okay with the Snapdragon 212 Quadcore 1.3 Ghz, 1GB RAM, 8GB storage that 450x offers currently and it justifies the work that it has to handle.

Similarly, the typical functionality of a GPU is to assist with the rendering of 3D graphics and visual effects which doesn’t fit in Ather’s Dashboard Usage.

Corning® Gorilla® Glass 5/6 is known for it’s protection against damage from waist height drops which doesn’t seem to fit in the Dashboard’s usage either.

Ofcourse Ather should improve and make it affordable but neither of your tech hardware demands seems to cut cost and most of them will be a useless addition to have.

All of the above points that I’ve mentioned is based on my opinions, I may be wrong or may have missed some detailing because I currently don’t have Ather and I’ve never accessed it’s dashboard.

Feel free to correct me :slightly_smiling_face:


I use NtorQ and It’s dashboard is not scratch resistant. So it got many scratches somehow unintentionally. That’s why I thought of having Corning Gorilla glass protection would be nice to avoid scratches… not for protection from drops.

Agreed. Google maps uses GPU in some cases. But Since Ather only uses the minimal maps without satellite view… then there is no need of a powerful GPU as you said.

Yeah. I mean … along with the 3G/4G connectivity, Wi-Fi connectivity should also be there to save data for updating the firmware and offline maps.

Center stand is required. Since the belts are on left side and it needs cleaning when there is dust on to it. In side stand scooter might be go forward when keep it in slope state.


Hello ATHER… MUMBAI loves you

I believe You are like APPLE or TESLA of Electric scooters…keep going great…:blush: It would feel Proud if I’m one of 1st owners in Mira Bhayandar 401101 (neighbour to Mumbai) Booking Date - 7 Jan, 2020

Now, Super research Deepak…and good suggestions

Myself Shripal, I liked quite a few of your suggestions…like Centre stand (for any repairs perse) . Also centre stand or double stand is necessary in Mumbai like places (don’t know about other cities) . If your scooter or bike is in parking, people don’t see whether it’s on single or double stand…they just sit (habbit of sitting on parked 2 wheelers) and this puts pressure on side stand. So need ONE

… ALSO lady footrest for the pillion rider (mom or wife or aged person) sitting on one side …for them FOOTREST is must.

HOPE ATHER WILL TAKE NOTE OF THAT…this is my first review…:blush:

Both are on the wish list since 2018 and a topic that has been beaten to death. Ather has made it clear, including at the 450x launch, that the center stand is not in their design and will remain so for the 450/450x platform.


Add a tyre inflator…with this one can ditch visiting fuel pumps altogether.

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:thinking: camera for to capture photo of intruders while theft detect time and vehicle towing time .

Because this scooter is smart scooter :innocent::grin:

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Closing this since these are not features that can be implemented through software/app updates. Suggestions here might be considered for future models.