Ather Mobile App Bug - Cannot use AtherGrid

Hi Ather team,

I tried to use the app to charge a non Ather EV at Ather grid here in Pune and on my iPhone SE, i cannot see the ‘Start Charging’ button.
Thus i cannot use the Ather Grid stations.

I’m not sure why this is, is this because of the small 5 inch screen on the SE? Can you please push this to your app team? Should be an easy fix.

We even documented this issue in our Video on the PluginIndia channel

Hey! The team is already looking into this and there’s a fix in the works.

Even i have the same problem app is showing charging in progress since 2 months now tried to reset app and logout 4 5 times still it refuses to go @abhishek.balaji please fix asap not able to use app

Thanks Team Ather. Much appreciated.

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Still the bug is not solved. Even after logging issue in March. L The iOS app needs to check for small phones.

Had to use nice subway guys large phone to charge my eTrance.

Thanks for the service Ather team.