Ather Merchandise Review

Hello Atherites,

Basically I am from Tirupur Tamilnadu - The Cotton City of India

I never bought any Merchandise from Vehicle OEM Because 90% of the OEM Manufacturing their Merch in Tirupur

As a Resident of the City and I know the Costs behind the Production, I will not Buy them Tbh :crazy_face:

For Attending Wheee Camp II and III I Got Two Ather Merch Tshirt from the OEM, I can’t just Review it without Comparing it

So Recently I had a Volunteer Testing with Ultraviolette Automotives and They gave me a Goodie Bag as well

I got a Ultraviolette Merch Tshirt too :crazy_face:

Let’s Have a Look at the Pictures :

Ather Merchandise :wink:

Ultraviolette Merchandise :wink:

Conclusion :

This is not like Comparing and Discriminating One on Another :vulcan_salute:

I knew Ather Merchandising the Tshirt from SWIFT Merchandise :green_heart:

Ather Should Increase the GSM of the Cloth, Because Current Pricing and Product is not Fair TBH

I got Tshirt for Free, But People buying it for 1,299 RS

As a Person From Tirupur, I would say Our Current Tshirt will Cost like 699 or 799 :saluting_face:

1,299 and the Quality is not Good :raised_hands:

Consider and Improve the Quality :zap:

(Opinions are Own and Its just a Review of the Product)

Thank You Ather :green_heart: and Ultraviolette :heart: