Ather Memes

So first one was this 1000039824

Rest two were fla. gged for complaining about fla. gging


Well the controller unit in latest 450x gen support that.I have read it about in post

The gen 4 u mean ?

The bms and motor controller are same for gen 3, 3.1, and Apex.


Nooo way then they have no reason other then there (satsa RTO bahana ) and give us ESS and advance regen option Warp + is understandable What if they give us advance regen as a new update to stop the scooter? While keeping the numbers same so they don’t get RTO regulations

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I seriously don’t gen the homologation excuse for coasting regen or new 3x more regen as it doesnt affect others on road any different than applying brakes.

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I don’t understand why no one is covering this anywhere not even yt :pensive:

This is because we are shouting in closed virtual chat room :joy:. Nobody knows this stuff other than forum members.

As @arnab said previously, if we made this noise on Twitter (X) it would be in trending by now and somebody would have picked it up. He used to tweet there as well :sweat_smile:

I hate twitter community but if anyone starts the agenda I think everyone will happily share and get the word out

Ather gets enough hate already on insta


If i remember correctly, reasons they gave were like we have promptly given regen figures so now we can’t change them sorry.

But implied saying ola haven’t filled that regen section during homolgation so they can change and give improved regen.

So once the lesson is learned for gen 3 or 3.1 why haven’t Ather kept option to imporve open for gen 4?

If magic twist or little lower efficient regen improvement possible using software for gen 4 why they aren’t providing it possibly sell apex and gen 4 in parallel from March 2024 atleast till October 2024 like youtubers mentioned.

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I mean version 3.3 Alchemist.Gen 3.1 is equipped with version 3.2 Alchemist

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I think before Gen 3 Ather wasn’t like a proper company. They were more like an r&d project. There are still some posts of people around 2015 on this platform literally referring to other users by first name who went to a specific event or met up for a small meet up. And honestly if a company is calling you to every event, asking you for testing and feedback, calling you for meet ups and round tables, with ten other odd people, you must feel like you’re a part of the product and the company. Like a trailblazer pushing a revolution on your shoulders. You must feel a personal vested interest in the brand and the image. And these people are now the admins incharge of policing people’s posts. So invariably they block any major dissent on the brand because of that love they have. It’s just my theory

um, don’t take this the wrong way, but before Gen 2 Ather was a Good company. good response, good support, good character. just like you said after becoming a company they became high-status ritual beings. They stopped doing everything.


Il sure that might be true… but legacy owners and admins should realise we have the right to voice our concerns and they shouldn’t be silencing user qualms just because their experience had been different or personal sentiment

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For what it’s worth… I live in Indiranagar. Before Ather opened their first store, there used to be a crossword there. At the time I was still in school. When the Ather opened up I used to go often just to look at the scooty. Electric back then was a novelty with Tesla being this revolutionary thing instead of commonplace. And I dreamt of owning an Ather someday. Now an analyst at a reputed company, I finally bought one with my own money. So it was a hugely aspirational purchase for me too. But there are some things that definitely could be better and it’s important we talk about that too.


I’ll tell u one small story coming from a gen 2 owner when his wiring harness was bitten by rats the SC dint Chang the full harness instead they fixed the problem in few hrs but now it’s a whole scam brake pads getting changed even tho they have a pretty good life on them SC not doing proper service no proper communication Eve if u have a small issue mota charcha is coming idk who to blame ???

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The problem is it’s not going out just in forms and arnab gets all the flags :joy::joy:

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Apex users after doing magic twist.



Broooooooooooo :pinched_fingers:

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