Ather Memes

community day is happening? when?

You may ask @abhishek.balaji @smridhi.kalati @tarun

If you are not in a position to tell about it, then it’s better not to tease about it as well.

Because, It will not help any one other than the fact that you know something but can’t reveal due to NDA.


Guys chill, this is a memes thread :sunglasses:

Here’s a joke my Ather made for me!


I can see Yamraj ji standing there after taking that right turn :skull::skull:

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My Tease helps people get some Hope

Guys lets not😅 get this thread snoozed😅

So @tarun can crush it by blaming homologation. :stuck_out_tongue:


Unfortunately No. It only leads to speculation, and sometimes frustration.


hope ? Lmao :joy:

Practically Possible means @tarun won’t do that

Idk that

Whats Wrong in that?? Was this Funny

I think the council of Ather owners are in agreement… we don’t want hope… we want advanced regen… pls don’t give hope… try giving advanced regen :vulcan_salute::vulcan_salute:


Okay I am taking it Back, Do not Hope on my Words :saluting_face:

how is bro getting flagged replying to himself


I’m highly curious too

Same Question :zipper_mouth_face:

U don’t know bruh someone’s so pissed cuz he asks right questions

I have seen bro get combode by flagges left and right just cuz he was asking right questions but now it’s personal I guess Want a idea for next meme make a meme out of flagging :pinched_fingers::pinched_fingers::rofl:


Only if such system was made while filling Homologation of the vehicle. Regen would have made it to all Gen 3 users.

I’m 100% sure @arnab is gonna top in the list of most flagged post again :joy:(cough* for posting truth *cough)

One request to Arnab : Set a fix time… so that we can read your post before it gets flagged :joy:


Wanna know the person who doesn’t have any work other than flagging posts! Critics are what makes someone/something better.