Ather looting customers

Ather is looting customer on over priced parts… And parts are not worthy for paid amount. Durability is less


Ather’s labour cost gets me weak in knees as most of my Dominar 400 stuff is done free of cost if its small at bajaj.

this is just for replacing body panels,I can’t imagine the labour cost if they have to find any issue and spend time on the scooter

180Rs for installing mirrors is literally a joke,I tighten them myself every month cause they come loose after going through potholes someone pay me plz.


I found it very expensive too. LHS rear view mirror is 700₹ + 49₹ Labour. No over the counter sale also. Everyday it passes by i feel everyone is starting to hate Ather because of the pricing and after sales.


Over the counter sales should be available at all dealership, if someone denied you a sale, register a complaint at


I can be completely wrong but the high cost might be due to the Single piece Aluminium parts which has higher manufacturing cost. It is very cheap to bend a round steel pipe and fit a mirror to it, but a cast or machined aluminium has to expensive due to manufacturing complexity.


One of the worse scooter ever made to only loot customers money.


Washing is free in Bhubaneshwar.

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Wait, so I can walk up and buy, say a mirror and replace it myself at home? I don’t need to pay the labour everytime?

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Anti-trust Indian laws prevents monopoly, No dealer can play the game of only we can fix it. This was discussed in extreme length here in Chennai service meet. So yes, you should be able to walk into any Ather SC and ask for any replacement parts. If denied call CC right in front of them.


Awesome, thank you for sharing this. I haven’t come across this being discussed before on the forums.

Now we just need service manuals :grin: