Ather long term maintenance and resale value

Hey, I have booked an Ather 450x and I am a bit anxious about the cost of ownership and resale value of EV vehicles (in Hyderabad). Can someone share an insight with actual figures on the below 3 parameters please?

1.) Ex showroom price of 450 plus and 450x is same, however the additional 19000/- performance package on 450x is not included in the ex showroommprice why? 2.) What is the actual resale value of Ather 450X after 3 years (post warranty completion)? Will anyone even buy a second hand EV vehicle in the first place? 3.) What is the resale value of Ather 450x, if the battery is in warranty (resale under 3 years) if the vehicle was purchased in 2022 and vehicle is in good condition, with low odometer reading and well maintained? I am assuming that no one will be willing to shell out 85000/- for a second hand Ather, they might instead go for Activa or Jupiter if they have that much money. 4.) What happens after 3 years of usage (lets say 10km use every day with one daily charge)? Will the EV battery start depleting and lose mileage year on year like a cellphone battery or will it continue to give 85km True mileage even after 5 years? 5.) Ather battery cost is 65000/-, after 3 to 4 years, we wouldnt even get scrap value for this bike Inguess, is that right?

Almost all of these answered in different threads and you may need to search the forum

It depends on the competition and EV market. With many Ather 450 which were bought for 1.15 to 1.3L are still fetching 80k to 90K. But, if a new similar product becomes available at 1.2L, the value for used will go down. No one can predict. But competition is catching up now more than 3 years before. So, you can expect max 60-70% value after 3 years.

Most Ather 450s who completed 3 years are still having battery health above 90%. If you check the latest Declassified, this information was re-iterated.

Battery replacement cost - At the time of Ather 450 launch, battery cost was 50k and it was estimated that a replacement battery will cost around 35k post 3 years. But, right now Ather battery cost is still quoted around 50k+ only. Why the price didn’t go down? This was asked many times and no definitive answer available. And, even if your battery health goes below 70%, it wont go for waste and Ather should actually give a decent value as apart of exchange.


So here’s food for thought:

I “PRACTICALLY” bought my 450X in Mumbai @ Approx On-Road Price (1,53,000), but “TECHNICALLY” that includes FAME II Incentives (43,500) + State Susidy (10,000).

Now here’s the question :

Q : What’s the “right” price of selling our Ather 450 / 450X? Considering many of us would be selling their current 450 / 450X & upgrading to the New Ather 450X Gen 3.

[[ Solution 1 ]] : I consider 1,53,000 and reduce price from here depending on the age, km, condition, etc.

But then I loose my subsidy of 53,000 as it can be availed only once per individual.

So now when I buy the new Ather 450X Gen 3, I’m not eligible for the incentives & have to pay additional 53,000.

[[ Solution 2 ]] : I consider 1,53,000 + 53,000 - (age, km, condition, etc)

But this price would be still be more than the current price of the new Ather 450X Gen 3 “with subsidy”.

So a potential pre-owned buyer would rather go for a new Ather with subsidy.

We need to have proper guidelines on the same as a huge wave of owners would now be selling off their Athers. One wrong move and the price of all the Athers in the pre owned market goes for a toss.

Your thoughts…


I doubt many would do it. I got mine less than a year in, and I don’t really have a need to exchange to get the shiny new model. Several others would have a similar usage cases. I am sure a few would do it. But it will likely be a minority.

I am not sure, I got that right. How much did you actually pay after the discount from the subsidies?

In Bangalore, when the total price was close to 1.8L, and I purchased for 1.5L. If I plan to sell mine, my asking price would be a factor of the 1.5L rather than the 1.8L.


Even mine is 9 months old, and I love it to the core.

But the Gen 3 is not just a “shiney new model” like what happens with most ICE scooters.

This is a “major” upgrade. Especially the battery pack and tech.

My upgrade is mainly for the range, tyres & keeping my fingers crossed for ABS & enhanced recuperation.

About the minority, all the early adopters have their Athers for about 3 yrs now, it’s their perfect time to upgrade, given the old tech and battery degradation and the vehicle being no longer in warranty.

You are not getting it. If you factor 1.5 (the price you actually paid), then the buyer takes advantage of the subsidy, which you will never get again when you buy any other 2 wheeler EV again.

To simplify, imagine the subsidy being paid by your parents instead of the Government.

Now, wouldn’t you factor that in?

Hope you get my point.

Peace :v:t2:


Sure. But like I said, it’s not worthy enough for everyone to upgrade. I am fine with the range I get and the tech that exists. And switching to a new vehicle is again going to be expensive, something not everyone would want to go through.

If it is a worthy upgrade for folks, they would certainly buy it. But most people are not going into be in the market to get a new vehicle, even if it is better, just a year into getting their current vehicle. That’s just how a lot of people are.

I can see your point but technically, I did exhaust my subsidy for however long I used my old vehicle. So, I think I would be ok to let the subsidy go.

Apples and Oranges!


I have always thought about this, and one of the reasons I was mindful of upgrade.

Subsidies are here to stay for sometime max 3-5 years. Once EV prices (pre-subsidy) comes close to ICE prices, subsidies will gradually come-down and eventually be removed.

For efficient and fair use of subsidy, it is being limited to one / person / category.

In India, there are shortcuts for everything. You can buy on your family member’s name and still avail subsidy. Most 2W buyers can find 1 or 2 senior citizens in their circle. That’s why it is not being valued much.

Otherwise, when you are buying a used vehicle, you are retaining your valuable subsidy (like DRS). When you are selling your EV just for a minor upgrade, you are losing your valuable DRS (subsidy).

So, technically you have to consider the price including subsidy. If I am selling my Ather 450 Gen 1 for 75k, I am getting 47% resale value, as opposed to my perception of 58%.

I agree.

Just wanted the new one to be in “my” name :wink:

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Bro ev resale value are good enough I have bought hero electric optima at rs 60000 ,1.5 yrs ago and now selled it in 44k after using for only 4850 kms in total and bought the Ather as hero electric was like a hell and was pushing it day by day as it doesn’t have power to even climb up a small climb even not a flyover and overtake on that vehicle was like what is overtake I doesn’t know :joy::joy: even some times the rickshaw guys i try to overtake with it but it can’t and the rickshaw guy was thinking in his mind that’s why he is not overtakeing me he have got such a nice scooter but in my mind I also thought that I can’t overtake buddy you overtake me please fast so I can take a side :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: but ev’s have good resale not a doubt in it :+1:t2: and rest depend on condition of your vehicle my hero optima condition was like new from showroom not a single minor dot scratch on it and shines like new bmw :fire::fire:

True. I recently heard someone at Ather Space that a guy was ready to buy his 450X second hand at 1.2 .

Hmm :smiley::smiley::v::v:

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