Ather Labs

It’s been long nothing came out of Ather Labs, -Call Controls -Whatsapp Connect -Advance Ride Reports

These 3 are pending from a long time now and for me Advanced Ride reports launch will be a great option to start with ,

Recent Atherstack 5.10 update got many things on board soo why not improve the Ather App , Not only features from Ather Labs but also App animations and App UI if changed and polished or given a fresh look would be great :smiley:

Currently even if the App is running in the Background, scooter is not getting connected to the phone until I touch the “connect to paired device” option on the scooter , this Bluetooth issue is present from the launch of New UI , sometimes gets solved and some new update comes and things get messed up again ,

I got my TPMS installed 8 months ago for 5000rs INR and it was working as it should until Atherstack 5.8 , Atherstack 5.9 messed the TPMS and also in my latest Atherstack 5.10 TPMS is stuck with false values , When spoke to service center they asked me to bring the vehicle so that they can downgrade me to Atherstack 5.8 :roll_eyes: I am a BETA Tester , why would I downgrade my software instead upon reporting bugs I would expect the company to work on the feedback given by BETA testers and respond quickly , App issues , scooter software issues i understand can take time but TPMS is an accessory and we paid extra 5K for it , atleast solve that issue on priority :pray:

Attached below some screenshots from recent Atherstack 5.10 update on what’s been added and how the Navigation looks now


Is 5.10 a BETA update?


Yes it’s a early update for Beta testers, they released a form on 11th November and those who filled the forms got the update


Where do they release beta tester form?

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