Ather in Visakhapatnam

Hello ather, I am from Visakhapatnam(Andhra pradesh) I have bought an ather 450 recently and I’m using it in Vizag now,

many people here are curious and willing to buy an ather in Vizag , many people have enquired how to order it, even though it was pre order, they are ready to place a pre order but they are not so happy with ather 450x, they are asking me, but you have got this for 1.22 lakh, but after coming to know that only chennai and Bangalore has ather 450 for now, they are coming down on their level of enthu, it would be a great greener movement here in Visakhapatnam too,

As of now nearly 70 people in my dad’s office and people on the road have enquired of it and got ready to place a pre order but, they are turning down after they heard that they can buy only 450x and with a charge of 1.5k per month


I think all us owners would agree that our ather 450 is one of the most value for money EVs on the market as of now. As much as all of us would want ather to continue with the 450, I think it’s just not feasible for ather to sell the 450 and still sustain their business. The price is the 450 seems so good because that’s exactly what it is. So good that it isn’t making ather enough money. But with other scooters coming into the sub 1.2L segment, the 450X puts ather in a diff league. Ather always strived to get the number of EVs on the market to rise and they’ve done that by enncouraging other OEMs to bring their own EV. The 450X is definitely not for the masses and it’s a more niche premium product.

There are 2 options for these guys even now to own the 450 The 450 is still open for orders( might not be after tomorrow). You can either ask them to order a 450 from Chennai and Ride it out or get it shipped to VIZAG because when ather comes to Vizag. High probability that they will service the 450 too. The second option is to buy a used 450 from OLX. And some of them haven’t run a lot either. And they start from as low as 80,000 rupees

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I thought the same to buy ather and bring it to vizag, but after the order, ather told me that , Andhra pradesh’s address is not acceptable for temporary/permanent registration. For me, luckily we had relatives in Chennai, so it worked out, all of them can’t have that😐

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You can try the used scooters. Some have run for as low as 3-4k Km.

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Yes, maybe ather should work on a lite version of ather 450, scrapping out all the geeky stuff and just include the motor, battery and a basic dashboard for a lower price, that’ll be a great deal for all people

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I’m sure such a scooter is already in the works. And they will release it with time, after making some good profits from the 450X

Whoaaaa, that must be greatt