Ather in Pondicherry

Hey ather when you will start your experience center in Pondicherry


Ather hasn’t yet announced Pondicherry. You could expect an announcement after June when the current list of Cities is done. Also, welcome to the Community!

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Will soon ather will announce Pondicherry experience center welcome to ather community…

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I heard there is around 45+ vehicles in and around pondy…

Anyways welcome to thé A-CLAN

Any updates on Ather showroom in Pondicherry or any buying modality at Pondicherry?

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How does the service related items work if you buy an Ather from Chennai and use it in Pondicherry? Pondicherry doesn’t have an outlet right?

You’ll have to go to Chennai or any EC for service.

Cool thanks for your message. Definitely not something preferred right!

It is what happens when to take the scooter out of service area limits.

Any idea if it’s practical to drive from Chennai to Pondicherry, considering charging is required in the middle of the trip, at the least once?

How does it work - can we carry a portable charger and ask some restaurant to plug it in for us?

Not sure about this as I do not belong to any of the place neither have any idea.

Yes. That is what you have to do. You will have to plan your trip very well. Do include buffers when you are not allowed to charge someplace.

People have done pondy rides with an intermediate charging somewhere after kalpakkam. You can reach out to @Rahul . There are many Athers in pondy even now.

Awesome thank you!

Hi Folks, there is no service in pondy as such. There is a bunch of Athers in auroville which is getting serviced in regular interval but no invitation is given to near by Pondy. Any help guys?