Ather in Lonavala

We really need Ather grid in Lonavala @tarun The weather around this time of the year is just perfect and so tempting for long rides. Unfortunately, I have to take my car to Lonavala. If there is/are Ather Grids, it will be simply awesome to hop on Toothless and go for a long leisure rides here. It will also open up possibilities to reach so many other trekking places from Lonavala. Please can we have 1? Additionally, Lonavala can be a great place for marketing too. :blush::heart: Community, do you agree…??


Not 1 but atleast need 2. Hard to believe, in so many years Ather never considered installing a grid in the city of Lonavala. If Ather is short of money or any other thing then we can contribute and help !!!


Ather usually installs grids in cities where they sell Ather. As for going to Lonavla for Pune Ather owners, it is manageable because of the grid at Talegaon. But yes, Ather grids at Lonavala will definitely help for Pune and Mumbai owners for weekend rides up the ghat.


@abhishek.balaji any possible plans on setting up a few grids in Lonavala? :blush:

Can anyone suggest a resort/hotel in Lonavala that is electric vehicle friendly? Where I can charge my Toothless over night.? :blush:

There are already 2 charging points at lonavala. Atleast the trip planner says so.

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