Ather in Hubli

Anybody is riding Ather in Hubli? Deliveries yet to begin, but some of my friends told they have seen it. So confused.

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Test rides have begun

Yes… Some people bought from Bangalore… while test drive I met a owner of 450, who bought 6-8 month back… and his friend bought 450x from Bangalore… Delivery from Hubli may stay in this week.

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Yes sir it is Me , who met at Ather

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:point_up:t2: Sir there are like 15-20 Ather’s in Hubli - Dharwad

Wov that’s great. But I have never seen one.

Will meet up sir , Ather is starting deliveries next week so all the owners will meet up , see u there :pray:t2:

How were you guys getting the scooter serviced till now?

They said deliveries will start from 18th. Because of Bank strike they may postpone.

Yes… will meet again…:+1::+1:

Ather Hubli People can join WhatsApp group now…

Follow the link

Today I spoke with dealer, they r planning to deliver from 22nd March

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1st delivery of Ather in Hubli…