Ather Grid Turned Off by host

Hey people I’m sure many people must be facing this issue where they find charger been turned off by host or emergency stop button been pressed even when the charger mentioned on app is available 24x7 or certain timing. This makes traveling unreliable specially during night time. I personally found one of the grid at south goa Ather space where emergency was press I turned it on and scooter charged very nicely didn’t see any issues with the charger to be kept off. I want to ask Ather officials what are they doing in this matter? @tarun @smridhi.kalati @abhishek.balaji @neha.menon

May be implement a display on the grid to show the message why emergency stop was pressed when someone reports the grid. if for any serious reasons the grid is kept off.

Please do share this post where every possible until it gets noticed by the officials.


After 10 PM, many Ather chargers in Bengaluru are deactivated, which seems unusual given that delivery personnel also rely on Ather vehicles now. This situation poses challenges for them as they struggle to find available chargers after 10 PM. I had a conversation with one such frustrated delivery boy at the Indiranagar Showroom, who was willing to pay for charging but often faced unavailability after 10 PM.


I encountered the same. How did you turn it on?

It was emergency stopped i jst rotated the switch to release it.

It is the same in my locality too… The one in Banaswadi Bengaluru next to sangeetha showroom also shuts down after 9-10 PM…

Most of the host will turn off the grid, amid of fire danger, you should check in app if the grid is 24x7 or for a certain amount of time. If it reports as 24x7/ or is available in the time period and grid is turned off, report in Ather App.

Same happened to me while coming from airport , i could not find decathlon anubhava charger moreover it had timing opening at 9 ,very frustratng as i was travelling at 7am ,had to change my plan and risk the trip for finding nxt charger, i also wanted to raise voice against this why can’t all chargers be open 24/7 . Ig ola hyper chargers are 24/7 .

I don’t think there is any fire risk. If there is any problem the MCB or RCCB will trip.

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McB trips only on Overload or short. Incase of fire. It will only trip when load exceeds maximum rating of it, incase of Ather its around 16a, that is a huge current to pass before it trips.

RcCB are generally used inbetween human and electricity interaction. Water geyser is a prime example. It will trip when current leakage is detected or/and it overloads its rating.

Both of them cannot save a scooter if ever grid catches fire. For that internal protections should trip before it even shorts out.

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Not a new thing

Facing same issue in Pune, Maharashtra. I’ve seen multiple times around 10pm, watchman shutting down the Ather gird, of Ather Space Wakad. They do not allow charging by saying it’s down for maintenance.

Yet no one raising voice everyone are after charger refund only. :neutral_face: