Ather Grid Slow Charging

I have heard that Ather had slowed speed of charging .It’s good if we calrify it. Share your charging speed while using Ather grid.It will help alot


No, the grid speed is not reduced, But, grid speed varies across the day with weather acting as a primary phenomenon.


If it’s like that than take particular weather were charging slow down then we have to pay much more price as it based on time. Thats why Ather should charge in according to consumption of energy

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Ather has come up with this idea only the make lose crowd at the grids I see no other point. they might introduce the change when they would see a drop in the usage of grids.


1% charge takes 5 Minutes at Chinchwad Ather Centre, 2% charge takes 9 minutes


if you are facing a slow speed of charging kindly report it from Ather App