Ather Grid Charging make it 100% charge instead of 80%

Who all getting problem with only 80% of charge instead of 100% in grid please comment let’s check the majority or share ur opinions


Well 80% is fine.

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its not a problem its restricted by Ather themselves as pushing 80% to 100% takes a lot of time so limiting it frees grid for next user who could charge much more (upto 80%) than the person before trying to push that extra 20%

a better implementation to this would be adding a button on screen to unlock the solenoid/charging gun after 80% so areas where grid is not in heavy use can do 100%


Ya it’s good idea

Suggestion is good.

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Just give the option of charging to 100% but increase the charges for the 80%-100% significantly, so that only people who really need it will use it. So if 0%-80% is Re.1/Min, then make 80%-100% Rs.5/Min.


For the current charge of Rs1per min itself people are crying and abusing Ather.


A slight adjustment if it’s possible can we have 1₹ per minute including GST ?


No again it’s huge loss for us


This one ll work nicely

Let them cry. They were never promised free lifetime charging. If they find the grid expensive, charge at home. Most of the people using the chargers are the ones who just want free charging. And people who really need it are being inconvenienced.


Agree on this. These are the people who use fast charging daily and cry that their battery is degrading faster :joy:


Ya we know they are not promised and we didn’t expect everything free also but we need some solutions on this, increasing charging price is not a solution. For emergency purpose suddenly we need to travel for some more distance we need 100% charge in Ather grid Like now they provided optimised charging option 80 to 100% also they need to make a option in display if we need we can charge

The restriction may hold good for public grid charging. But why the same control for private charging at home? How to bring the complete charge to 100%?

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Remove Optimized charging in Settings.

I literally cant take my Ather for 5000km service cause I can’t reach home on 80% charge from SC :skull: help!

You can ask them to charge to 100% at SC, they have slow portable chargers too

SCs have normal portable chargers as well and you can surely use it to charge your scooter to 100%. Moreover, when they put my Ather for charging using the fast charger, it didn’t stop at 80% and went past it. I asked them to unplug it after I noticed that the charge had reached 85%, which was enough for me to get home. When asked, the SC guys said that this behaviour was inconsistent and some scooters do charge above 80% time and again. So, you just need to be lucky lol.