Ather Grid 2.0 Fast Charger


I just wanted to know if there is any provision kept open for Ather 450x (SERIES 1)owners to install Ather Grid 2.0 Fast Charging point at their place.

What would be the criteria and conditions to qualify for the same. With the new Ather Grid 2.0 Fast Charger being launched the company could use Ather owners as brand ambassadors and partner in the earnings after the free usage at Ather Grid ends. @abhishek.balaji @tarun


Yeah cost has come down enough to probably consider it now. Production is also ramping up so might have spare capacity next year. Will consider.


Hoping there will be a Chance (may be) for Portable one as-well :upside_down_face:


I wonder if the Ather Energy website could have an additional feature of displaying a map of India with cities and states marked with Ather centres present, including Ather dealerships like one in State of Goa.

This could give the existing Ather Bike owners a feeling of pride and also the prospective buyers would look at Ather Energy as a serious long term player in the smart electric Bike segment.

With the Ather Grid 2.0 launch in the news, if the probable areas of installation of Ather Grid 2.0 are announced, it would create a lot of enthusiasm and interest both in existing and prospective buyers.

Thank you team Ather for the continued trust building effort especially in announcing of the Ather Grid 2.0

@tarun , @abhishek.balaji