Ather going International?

So @tarun let the cat out of the bag today with this surprising (yet Ather-esquely muted) announcement of launching in Nepal!

AFAIK, this would be the first homegrown EV 2W to start international sales and it’s good to know that our old neighbor, Nepal, gets the first peek.

All the best and looking forward to see the 450 family whee around Asia and Europe.


To Nepal, France and beyonddddd :zap::partying_face:

Ps. Waiting to raad about the use of charger refund money and subscription for this.

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Good for Ather, The Market is dull as usual, but good scope going international, will be tough competition for already occupied Chinese makers.


Need to maintain quality

Trust me, Nepal has good ICE two wheeler market with dominance from our own Bajaj, you can find it everywhere in Nepal. There used to be Chinese bikes, but with zero repairability, just like in African countries. But people preferred quality over price which made Bajaj, TVS as prime players.

Ather IS 100X better than those Chinese EVs. I hope they solve their Bugs faster than it can infeste. Or a Better Hardware SOC???


Yes, it’s confirmed in YouTube channel too.