Ather Floor mat vs Other floor mats

Hi I had received a Floor mat and used some few days & my experienced review is

Simply tell u in the format of 1 to 5 ( 1 is very poor & 5 is too good )

Outlook 5/5 Quality of material 5/5 Edge fittings 5/5 Colours 4/5 Front look Designs 4/5 (required more varieties of design) Safety 1/5 (it’s gets slip) Cost 4/5 (it will be better price under 300 to 400rs)

Conclusion: Thinking of quality & Ather Badge u can buy it But. Thinking safety I will not recommend

Any comments please…


Nice thread mate :+1:

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They should have given option to fit it like in Suzuki Access 125 .

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Look ma NtorQ’s Mat I use it on Weekends for my Ather :sweat_smile:

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