Ather family scooter spotted

This “might” well be the new family scooter that Ather is slowly beginning to tease on social media and whose impending launch is not far:


Do we have any more photos of this? I doubt Ather would go with a design like this

100 percent not Ather, neither family scooter or the maxi scooter


Looks like more if a TVs iqube ST


I was thinking the same. It doesn’t look close to the Ather’s design language.

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Ather will use some sort of brand identity.

ST is never going to come.

The design is the only thing stopping me from being a 100% sure that it’s an Ather but you never know.

It is indeed an Ather: Ather 450X price in India, new family scooter, TVS iQube rival | Autocar India

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Looks like the model is kept close to the original rendered design

and @tarun has confirmed it.


Looks odd man not going lie I was expecting more I guess…

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