Ather Experience 7500 KM

Hello, Just wanted to share my ride experience with Ather 450. Overall it is very good E scooter. I am using mostly to office and Home ( Mahadevapura to Chandra layout Nagarabhavi ). After reaching office, immediately connect portable charger and remove before go home and charge in the night for next day. Being 35KM one way is bit risky hence I don’t take chance. Few times, I charged 2 times in a day since I had to visit another plant in Anekal Jigini road. My experience with 450 is great till now. I had crossed 7500 KM in less than a year. Being familiar with bikes, not a fan of scooter but, Ather changed my opinion. Love to use Sport mode in free roads like, ring road, Nice road calculating the distance I have to travel. There are few small issues like suddenly indicators stop working and automatically starts after few days and noise initially it was different but, now it is hurting my ears when you ride continuously for an hour. Few more options like improved leg space, center stand, emergency mobile charging etc. will improve the image. Maps are improving but still I prefer Mobile phone because it tells us where to take turn. I need not concentrate on dash board. Breaking is excellent for this segment or capacity. I never used public charging till date, hence no comments. I strongly believe that Ather one connect should be free to all users. This is the least Ather can do. I had booked my 450X thinking that the noise level will be taken care but, I heard that it is same as 450. With all these and more I am a big fan of this marvelous machine. I prefer to travel mostly on ring roads with sport mode " What an experience. Just zoom away". I just love it. I definitely switch over to 450X to have that experience. Thank you Ather team for this marvelous machine. My humble request to Ather to think of Mother Nature and explore the safe disposal of Battery. Thank you again and all the very best for new models.