Ather Duo Charger

A combo of wall and dot charger⚡️

Why did they launch this silently along with Apex. It is slick and most of the community had wanted something similar. It is looking like an antique telephone and somewhat similar to the one Ola has but still.

Does anyone know more details about this charger. What will be it’s pricing?


Why is there a rectangular key?!

I think this is to lock the charger in place and can’t be removed with it. Can prevent stealing though.

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So you can differentiate between the scooter key and this without even looking?


I don’t think this one is only shipping with Apex. I saw a 450x in my office complex with this charger. I think this one is for all Athers going forward.


I received this charger alone with my 450X HR. that time sales representative informed that Ather will come with some holder soon. But it will be on a price. May be Apex owners will get it FOC.

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Wow. When did u get it? I bought in Nov 2023 and i got a portable charger alone. I enquired about Dot charger and even that was also not available.

I got in 21st Dec 2023. I also got the portable charger only and its been standardized. No more dot chargers.


no, the holder is an accessory which is Rs. 2599. Here is the link to it. Ather Ather Duo Wall Mount Ather Accessories | Ather Store


Is anyone using a holder for their portable charger. If yes where did you get it from.

Ahh makes sense @power_light2000 and @ibbi . I did not think of that and thought they changed the the key pattern to a rectangle.


It looks so good and sturdy too

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