Ather Bodyguard Testing and Review

Hello Guys, So I received a call from Ather few days back regarding testing of an accessory and upon further asking I found out it was the bodyguard which was newly launched by Ather . It is basically a thick silicone type sticker stuck on the most protruding edges of the scooter. pic attached for reference.

Totally 8 stickers come in 1 pack - 4 on one side and 4 on the other. Some of you from my previous post know that I had already installed the bodyguard long back before they offered it to me . That’s where my review starts. -

Just two days before the installation of the new free bodyguard by Ather (I was still using my old bodyguard) my scooter met with a small accident where the auto guy came from my right and was going to my left hitting me from the side. He had stopped cos my scooter stopped his auto from moving because both our vehicles got scratched . My side panels on the front right and the panel below pillion footrest was scratched quite a lot. Thankfully nothing happened to me and my pillion. After reaching home I noticed all the scratches on the scooter was on the sticker . I peeled the sticker on the right front panel and bottom right panel to find that there was literally no scratches or anything on my scooter . The bodyguard took all the scratches and within two days got my new bodyguard installed on the right side.

I really recommend the bodyguard to everyone to save your scooter panels since the service centre I visited recently had quite a few scooter with panels scratched badly mostly due to falling and the places where the scratches were was the exact place where the bodyguard would have been .

This was my review of the Ather Bodyguard . Hopefully this helps some people in deciding whether this accessory is worth it or not…