Ather Bodyguard Testing and Review

Hello Guys, So I received a call from Ather few days back regarding testing of an accessory and upon further asking I found out it was the bodyguard which was newly launched by Ather . It is basically a thick silicone type sticker stuck on the most protruding edges of the scooter. pic attached for reference.

Totally 8 stickers come in 1 pack - 4 on one side and 4 on the other. Some of you from my previous post know that I had already installed the bodyguard long back before they offered it to me . That’s where my review starts. -

Just two days before the installation of the new free bodyguard by Ather (I was still using my old bodyguard) my scooter met with a small accident where the auto guy came from my right and was going to my left hitting me from the side. He had stopped cos my scooter stopped his auto from moving because both our vehicles got scratched . My side panels on the front right and the panel below pillion footrest was scratched quite a lot. Thankfully nothing happened to me and my pillion. After reaching home I noticed all the scratches on the scooter was on the sticker . I peeled the sticker on the right front panel and bottom right panel to find that there was literally no scratches or anything on my scooter . The bodyguard took all the scratches and within two days got my new bodyguard installed on the right side.

I really recommend the bodyguard to everyone to save your scooter panels since the service centre I visited recently had quite a few scooter with panels scratched badly mostly due to falling and the places where the scratches were was the exact place where the bodyguard would have been .

This was my review of the Ather Bodyguard . Hopefully this helps some people in deciding whether this accessory is worth it or not…


@stevekoshydaniel2 Did you pay the entire amount of bodyguard just to replace the right one’s?

The new ones I got installed were sponsored by Ather for testing so I didn’t pay anything. The timing of my previous one getting ruined was a coincidence :sweat_smile:

Ok. So for you it was sponsored by Ather but what if we need to change only 1 or 2 bodyguard, then should we pay for the entire amount of the bodyguard kit or just for those 1 or 2 bodyguard? If it’s just 1 or 2 then how is the amount calculated only for those?

We can’t change only those which are damaged. We need to buy new kit only. Which is big letdown


Are these bodyguards for a one time use? Once damaged they wont function the same?

I’m looking to Install the Ather Bodyguard to my Ather, but there is no stock in nearby service centers in Bangalore.:triumph::triumph::triumph:

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It’s available at Ather EC in Jayanagar.

May I get the contact details of them.!

yea that’s not possible since they bill this bodyguard kit as one whole item so it cannot be purchased separately as individual pieces.

they can work for longer but since they are made from silicone type material they will get scratched if damaged. if the scratches don’t bother you then you don’t need to buy new one.

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088844 01233 This is their contact number.

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Why am i having bubbles in there. Ather service centre is saying it will be the way it is and be ok under sun in lomg term which is seriously not at all as per me the correct thing. Any Ather heads here? @ather

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Raise a ticket or send email to CS with the pictures.

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I have been trying to find the Ather bodyguard since January and none of the service centers have stock, surprisingly I’ve not seen the product in use either. Is it even available for public use or was it a prototype that failed?

Any suggestions how to get this product?

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I have had my Ather scratched while I was waiting for the BodyGuard to come in stock. No point buying the sticker after that :neutral_face:


It’s easily available in Ather websites itself if your nearest SC doesn’t stock it. Believe me it’s worth every ₹ you spend on it. It can prevent parking scratches easily.

Click above link to place online order.

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Thank you, I didn’t know we could buy it online, i just ordered it now. Once it comes I’ll go to the service center to have it installed

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The bodyguard really helped me when I recently met with accident and fell on the left side.

The bodyguard took all the scratches and also 99% of the damages to the panel was avoided because of the bodyguard on the front left side panel.

Expect 1% scratches happened on outside of bodyguard which was minor.

After reaching home, I washed on the scratches on the bodyguard so even the scratches kind of gade out. Its think and of very good quality.

It’s totally worth every penny that you pay for. I’ll be attaching the photos soon.