Ather app 5.3.0

I got an update today for Ather app 5.3.0.

It shows check out for new features but I couldn’t find any new feature @abhishek.balaji when will be plan your trip available for coimbatore?


Same here too

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I’m still facing hit and miss when connecting to scooter via Bluetooth. I would say 90 % of the time I have to manually open the app to connect. After a trip when I turn off the scooter for 5 mins or so then also I have to manually connect the app. The app never connected to scooter without data on in phone.

Why does data is required for connecting Bluetooth!!?


App functionality is not user friendly. After logging in app why need to again login in to forum tab.


Yes but that’s a one time sign in. Post that it should stay logged in. Is it not ?

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I’m facing the same issue bro… My last scooter TVS NTORQ was even smarter than this Ather 450x atleast that scooty used to connect auto bluetooth connectivity not any manual push was required all the time sometime say once in a blue moon we needed to connect manually but 99% it user to auto connect where as Ather doesn’t hv that how can we call ot a smart scooter and yes if connected also the screen gets stuck with last called caller info and doesn’t go off the screen timer keeps on counting the call minutes, tried turning off the dash by turning off and on thru the key / kill switch /putting the stand down and what not didn’t go off but at last that went off the screen after I turn the scooter fully shutdown. If this kind of issue keeps on happening how will we trust Ather.

Even threads in this forum gets locked and we cannot further discuss anything looks something like a scam.

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