Ather Android App Version 9.3.0 Creating Issue with Phone

I am in Beta Program for Ather Android App. After updating the app to latest version 9.3.0, i am noticing new issue with phone Ring Mode/Silent Mode.

My phone will always be on Silent(Vibration) Mode, when i am riding my Ather i will definetely connect my phone to Ather using the app in order to answer or decline the calls on the go.

After recent update, when i connect my phone to the Ather using the app and when connected if i make an outgoing call or if i receive an incoming call, then after the call gets disconnected(irrespective of the call answered or not answered) my phone is automatically switching from silent mode to Ring Mode.

Initially i thought its an issue with Bluetooth device i use in helmet, so i have not used my bluetooth headset for testing and connected onl to Ather through app. But i am getting the same problem. Then i tried to contact phone manufacturer suspecting the problem is from phone’s bluetooth but after investing logs and all for 15 days they concluded that issue is not with bluetooth module or bluetooth firmware instead the issue is Ather app trying to change the phone mode(silent/ring) when a call comes.

@abhishek.balaji Please request the dev team to check on this issue and kindly request them to resolve the same in stable build.