Ather Accessories Review - Ather Bodyguard

Ather team is providing complimentary accessories to select customers for testing and reviews (bodyguard, mat, frunk, etc). Installation was done at Ather JP Nagar service center free of cost (excluding the washing cost of ~130, which is way too much for a normal water wash). Service team was friendly and made sure the work was finished in time and I didn’t had to wait, even though it was their lunch time.

These are small plastic films that are applied to scratch-prone areas on side panels and will be helpful in preventing scratches in tight parking spaces/falls. These look sleek and one side has a 450 logo imbibed which looks cool. The film looks durable, although there are a few air bubbles (as shown in pics) that came during. installation which the installation team told me will go away after some time. These protectors are thicker than normal ppf films but don’t stand out visually and look part of the vehicle.

PS: If you get a call from Ather, please call before the service center and make sure the appointment is booked and accessories are available before going. Initially, there was some lack of communication between the Ather marketing team and the service center, which they promptly resolved and gave the mobile number of the point of contact so that things go smoothly.