Ather 450x review

My review on Ather 450x (1week ride about 300km) Good’s

  1. Stunning looks
  2. Good power
  3. Very efficient range As my daily travel distance is about 45- 50km, i almost ride in " ride mode". It almost gives me around 75 kms range, some times more 77-78km , where claimed range for ride mode is 70, i may have got more range because of my driving style or regen. Overall satisfies my daily travel needs.


  1. Motor and belt noise, motor noise is ok but belt noise is very irritating, and somes vibration in footboard while acceleration and climbing inclined roads.
  2. No tool kits, mats, center stand, foot rest
  3. Cleaning vehicle is very difficult, as there is no center stand and should be very care ful while spraying water.
  4. Fit and finish should be improved.
  5. Average headlight visibility
  6. Ather app has some glitches or bugs , doest sync proper, and battery percentage shows only 99 while in vehicle it shows 100.
  7. Battery drains in night( about 3%). 8.forkseal leak in my scooter.

Overall from side of view its a great product but improvements is needed. Its my early review as i drove only 300kms, dont really about service center experience,