Ather 450x mileage after 2 years

I bought Ather 450x on 19th March 2021. Now after 2 year and 2 months I don’t see much difference in mileage. I can say I have just lost only 5% after 2 year… This shows quality of Ather battery… Hats off to you Ather…


So what’s your charging habits… And how many times do you use grid points?

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Sir don’t judge the battery on projected range. Ride of 10 to 15 km, and check the discharge rate at different battery %. Projected range will be based on raiding style


First of all I am single a user of my scooter, Nobody rides except me. I don’t let the battery to drain below 20%. I charge my vehicle overnight to 100%. If I optimise to charge 80% then I need charge 20% more times.

To answer your next question: I don’t use Ather grid to charge. I hardly charged my vehicle 1 or 2 units in these 2 years.


Yes I know this and I always check my battery percentage before and after my ride.

My office is 10km away from my home. Battery will drain 12%+11% to and fro to office and home.

In 23 percentage of battery I can travel 20km. So mileage will be around (20÷23)= 87km…

This depends upon your road conditions and traffic. Mine side road is good and not much traffic.


How many kms have ridden it till date?


Until now 15000km