Ather 450X - Kolkata Deliveries

Anyone got any photos of the Ather Showroom being constructed in Kolkata?

Nothing has happened till now just extending the dates. I am sure they will not deliver in the month of April

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Tarikh pe tarikh, tarikh pe tarikh, tarikh pe tarikh, tarikh pe tarikh milti rahi hya par abtak delivery nehi mila, mila kya sirf tarikh :grinning:


It’s difficult to understand the complexities of business from outside but whatever is going on in Delhi & Kolkata must be really problematic. Curious to know if the political situation in our state is causing any impact.

Delhi NCR & Coimbatore started but they forget to write 2 lines about kolkata.


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@tarun, @abhishek.balaji If possible, please answer

  1. Why is the PGL Ramji Group cancelled? Is it purely a business reason or any other issues related to our government?
  1. Location of EC will remain the same or will it change?

@abhishek.balaji, With this disappointment news I had sent the mail for cancelling my booking. Hope this will be smooth and not to be delayed.

@abhishek.balaji, Can we please know what went wrong with Ather’s plans here? Is it because of elections? Is there insufficient demand from the city to setup operations? What are the next plans for Kolkata?

My order date is 14th January 2020 & delivery date was July-August 2020 which obviously got delayed due to covid-19. Along with that we had 2 more bookings from The Srimal’s extended family. For everyone to know the Showroom Location is below my office nothing has started as of NOW (6th April 2021). @abhishek.balaji @tarun let me know if you have any difficulty in finding a dealer setup to be done here in Kolkata. A friend with Pre-Owned superbike showroom was really interested long back. Please email for any further communication or you have my number registered with my booking no. #25607 as i am really bad on checking forum updates.

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That made me feel really really sad. :unamused: :sob: For consolation, really curious to know what the challenges are at this point of time for Ather.

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The challenges is best known to @atherenergy1

i think they should delivery to probable customers directly in batches which is even economical to them atleast to customer who have pre-booked the series1. It seems we’ll have to celebrate booking anniversary soon :rofl: :sweat_smile: :joy:

I think all the companies having high speed vehicle facing same problem that is registration. I called yesterday the dealer of Pure EV in Kolkata. They are facing same issue. I think it will be tough for Ather to find right dealer if the problem remains same. Pure EV dealer here in Kolkata selling high speed vehicle without registration.

@blj.summi You mean 2nd booking anniversary?? :sweat_smile: Cause 1st booking is anniversary is already over in Jan.

@pkpaul04 So what is keeping Ather from communicating that? We can talk to the political representatives and even file for a PIL if such is the case. Registration of EVs is not new in WB. Mahindra EVs are getting registrations, so are the EV buses of WBSTC.

Earlier the problem of registration was for every EV but after several complaints from the companies I hope, Alapan Bandyopadhyay the then secretary (now the principal secretary) of the Transport Department took initiative for the registration of electric cars but the problem of high speed two wheeler remains the same.

I shall wait for another three months for Ather. If Ather fails then will go for a low speed EV.