Ather 450X - Kolkata Deliveries

Now it’s not showing. Where it had gone​:stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue:

@abhishek.balaji, Can you please provide an update when test ride will be started for kolkata?

Still waiting for an update :’(

No confirmed date yet, will share an update when I get the info

@umesh.garnaik, lately after seeing the steam of bugs and issues being reported by the initial set of 450X owners, I am preferring the delay till the product becomes a bit more refined.

@abhishek.balaji, Any RTO or regulatory hurdles?

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@abhishek.balaji, one preorder customer from Kolkata called Customer Care yesterday and got the news there is no chance of vehicle delivery before second quarter of 2021. If so then, will the preorder customers from Kolkata get the series1 vehicle?

And my order id showing delivery date July-August 2020. I think it will be 2021.

@acorreya, @umesh.garnaik, @pkpaul04: It’s frustrating but looks like my prediction is turning out to be true. :cry:

See the frustration for Kolkata pre-booked customer. You are playing with the sentiments of the customer. Declaring Sept 2020 to deliver in Nov 2020. Now every month you extend to next month. check your recent update made in month of January. Now you are saying no information from your end.

Sometimes we feel there might be cancellation of kolkata deliveries.

Got the call from Ather but unfortunately wasn’t able to receive the call. They sent a mail later confirming that as we preordered the vehicle before 28th Jan, 2020, we will receive the Series 1 vehicle when they start deliveries in Kolkata.

@umesh.garnaik: This is the same one that poped-up on the grid app earlier this month.

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It’s almost end of February and there are no update published apart from a highly un-specific information from Customer Care that there is no chance of deliveries before Q2. There are no updates on the website as well. I understand Ather is facing challenges but I do not understand time and again what keeps Ather from communicating its intentions clearly.

Sadly, I have received information that offices are preparing for re-open by April and if that happens, there will be no other choice left to me other than cancelling the order and opt for alternatives. :cry: :disappointed:


Sadly same thing happened to me as well. Now they are saying they have no information on it. Interestingly sayings that they are finalizing the dealers name. My office will be opened by mid of Mar. I am also thinning of alternative. As I had no bike hence will go for other option.

@abhishek.balaji, Can you please share an update where you stuck? If you are cancelling the Kolkata city then tell us urgent basis.

Same here, I even got permission from my local authorities for the Dot installation and permission from apartment. Now I’m not even sure Ather will even show up to Kolkata, there is just 1 Grid point which is not even online so I’m really concerned as this was finally the time I decided to move to a good EV from iCE but now I’m unsure. @abhishek.balaji Any urgent follow-up please.

Hey folks,

Understand the anxiety here, and we hate to share timelines that keep shifting. We’ll definitely start deliveries in Kolkata and things are moving on-ground. Our Retail partner has been finalised, along with the location for the EC. Right now the timeline looks like the first week of April, since the EC build has been taking time.

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Really sorry to say that again you had again shifted to another month. Every time this thing is happening when it Approches to the previous declared timeline. FYI check when you had declared the delivery of the vehicle for kolkata.

I am aware, Umesh. We cannot share an exact date of operations starting until things are finalized on the ground. Rest assured, the teams are working on the ground to get them started. I’ll be able to share concrete timelines soon on test rides, payments, and deliveries.

It’s easier to get out of friendzone than Ather’s soon-zone. :slightly_frowning_face:

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@abhishek.balaji Please share some ground level photos of A.J.C Bose road EC.


In Bengal Election will be started from the month of April. Does it affect delivery which to be scheduled in the month of April.

@abhishek.balaji, Awaiting a response from your end.