Ather 450x in Mysuru

Yesterday I got an official Twitter message from ather team that they are expanding to Mysore.

Creating this thread to look for other ather enthusiastics in Mysore.

What to know how long would it take to setup the ather experience showroom? When will the booking open? How long would it take to get ather 450 delivery in Mysore. Any timelines?


I saw one talking about Bhubhaneshwar!!

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WOW that’s New Year’s good news.

I wouldn’t go tothe extent of saying this.
I’m guessing you’re referring to this

Soon is very vague term. They won’t give us any specifics. But ather has made it clear their vision of expanding to 1st tier cites first and then to 2nd tier cities.

EDIT : Im a bit confused now after lookinh at this. Looks like Mysore might be before Mumbai after all.

Good to see this but i got reply from ather regarding the launch in Hyderabad.

Looks like they are planning big suddenly. After the recent backing from Honda and the new factory news at hosur, things are looking interesting.
Lets hope for the best. Fingers crossed. Mysore should win the race. :stuck_out_tongue:


What are you referring to? If I may ask

Sorry my bad. It was Hero motocorp.
(Very old link was provided)

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Guys, did any one here booked a ather 450x. I see lukewarm response in Mysore for ather :sob:

Spread the word on your whats app group chats, status and all social media platforms…:smiley:

Did all of that already

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I’ve 450 awaiting delivery and 450x prebooked, let see if they give they open in Mysore.

Hi Ashwin! Let me know if any of your friends want codes for Ather 450X. But strictly Mysureans! I have 2 codes

My friend pre booked from mysore

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At any time if you fall short of codes, please let me know, I have 2… and same condition apply!

I’m pretty sure Mysuru will be 10am :slight_smile:


Hemanth avare! Mysuru Jana na refer maad ri 450X book madalikke!


Great to hear that. Fingers crossed

Same here. I have three

How is Ather planning to setup charging infrastructure across so many cities at once!?

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Especially at Mysore!? Before launching the Ather450x?

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