Ather 450X Gen 2 covered 55000km in 14 months

Hi Atherites,

This Post is about @miljoraj96 who has covered 55,267.7km as on 23rd October 2022 on his 14 months old 450X Gen 2.

@miljoraj96 had already done 35000km in 7 months of owning the Gen 2 Ather 450X.

Surprisingly, he hasn’t changed his front tyre yet, a scooter tyre running for over 55000km is unheard of, by me anyway.

Miljo is pretty satisfied on the vehicle, using Ather Grid and portable charger at home to complete his delivery activities for Swiggy India consistently.

He had changed his belt with the help of service subscription after 30000km. Other than that, rear tyre changed atter 42000km. No other major issues faced in this time.

You can find his experience in the YouTube video made by @nadeemlthf On both 55000+km and 35000km attached below, in Malayalam language.

It is really the proof of engineering done by Ather to consistently and reliably used for covering this amount of distance.


Well done, @miljoraj96 :clap:t2: I hope Ather rewards you :relaxed:


Yeah Even I have seen Nadeem Video around 8pm

എനിക്ക് തമിഴ് അറിയില്ല enikk tamiḻ aṟiyilla

But managed to watch little insights

Our Old Activa 3G 6 years young Driven 90k kms change back tyre at 12k because of huge nail puncture & front at 28k

Front tyre is same tyre (drove 62k kms) & back tyre has been changed at 62k for 2nd time

My Epluto 7G Scooter rear tyre change at 24000kms Front running Great at 35000kms