ATHER 450x failed it's promised mileage

Body weight = 79-80 kgs

City= New Delhi

Number of flyovers crossed ( I actually counted) = 17

I did aggressive regen braking in addition to light hands on throttle and constant speed of 18-20 and sometimes 30-35.


Thats my run this morning


I hv never seen projected kilometre of 100+ kms till date always I see upto 85kms and below 90kms… You people might have experienced alot more with the Ather but unexpectedly I got very minimal mileage till date even on Smart Eco mode riding speed is 25-30kms maintained still at the end of the day I get below 80k mileage and yes air pressure on tyre is all ok with 30-32psi rest I will say riding this EV is a pleasure no issue with it but in rainy days its a big bug as noise starts comming out from rear suspension and wheel don’t know why need to grease few rusty area due to rain water and mud.

ANDROID USER The smart feature is again pathetic doesn’t gets automatically connected when turned the keys on need to navigate to the app and force connect manually and evn the music doesn’t skip or pause just stucks on the 1st song playing when connected and gets freezed even if any calls arrive the caller info doesn’t disappear either even after the call the caller info and call duration keeps on counting and freezes badly and needs the scooter shutdown or keep keys turned off for 7 mints until the last ride info soft resets. Big bug!!


Here is another one for you buddy. This time Sports + WARP. Will share the ride logs of my rides after the last charge.


Ride statistics not updating from today morning

Same bro from today ride stat no updating

Same here not updating from 5days

Not getting proper milege Ather failed it’s promise I’m getting 70km only, my vehicle is 450x model

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But after i posted in forum luckily after 1-2 hrs ride stats started working automatically :joy: but doesn’t know why start and end location of ride sometimes seems wrong