Ather 450X 3.7kWh Battery Range: Unveiling the Electric Scooter's True Potential

In the ever-evolving world of electric scooters, one name has consistently pushed the boundaries of performance and efficiency: the Ather 450X. Equipped with a robust 3.7kWh battery, this scooter has garnered attention for its impressive range. To truly understand its capabilities, I embarked on a journey with the Ather 450X, commencing at 100% battery charge in Smart Eco mode at 5:44 am.

I Always tried to ride this power limit in every mode, and in normal eco mode I rode at 40kmph.

My adventure began with the battery indicator reading a full 100%, promising an extended ride that would redefine my expectations. As the sun started its ascent, I ventured forth to gauge the Ather 450X’s capabilities.

At 6:20 am, after covering a modest 15.2 kilometers, I found myself still comfortably situated within the realm of 90% battery remaining, taking approximately 36 minutes to consume the first 10% of the battery.

By 6:44 am, I had traveled a total of 30.2 kilometers with 80% battery left, which meant I had covered roughly 15 kilometers in this segment of the journey, having taken about 24 minutes to consume the next 10% of the battery.

At 7:10 am, after covering 45.4 kilometers, I was still going strong with 70% battery remaining, equating to a remarkable 15.2 kilometers covered in this segment, taking roughly 26 minutes to deplete another 10% of the battery.

The Ather 450X continued to impress as 60.4 kilometers into my journey at 7:35 am, I still had 60% battery left. Approximately 15 kilometers were covered during this stretch, taking roughly 25 minutes to use the next 10% of the battery.

By 8:00 am, I had reached 75.3 kilometers, with 50% of the battery capacity still available. During this portion, I covered approximately 14.9 kilometers, taking about 25 minutes to consume the following 10% of the battery.

The real revelation came at 8:21 am when I decided to unleash the scooter’s potential by switching to Sport mode. Even in this spirited mode, I managed to cover 89.2 kilometers with 40% battery left, meaning I covered around 13.8 kilometers during this segment, consuming approximately 21 minutes to use the next 10% of the battery.

At 8:40 am, I switched to Warp mode and reached 101.4 kilometers with 30% battery remaining, equating to around 12.2 kilometers covered in this stretch, taking approximately 19 minutes to consume the next 10% of the battery.

Changing to Ride mode at 9:04 am, I was amazed to achieve 113.8 kilometers with 20% battery still in the tank. Approximately 12.4 kilometers were covered in this segment, taking about 24 minutes to use the following 10% of the battery.

Even in Eco mode at 9:27 am, I managed to stretch the ride to 125.8 kilometers with 10% battery remaining, meaning I covered around 12 kilometers in this segment, taking approximately 23 minutes to use the next 10% of the battery.

Finally, I switched back to Smart Eco mode and reached an astonishing 133.1 kilometers at 9:47 am with only 3% battery left. This last segment covered around 7.3 kilometers and took approximately 20 minutes to consume the remaining 7% of battery.

In conclusion, my experience with the Ather 450X and its 4kWh battery was nothing short of extraordinary. It showcased not only an impressive range but also the ability to provide precise information about energy consumption. Whether in Smart Eco, Sport, Warp, Ride, or Eco mode, this scooter consistently delivered outstanding performance and efficiency. With a real-world range exceeding 133 kilometers on a single charge, the Ather 450X has not just set new standards; it has redefined the possibilities of electric scooters. It’s not just a scooter; it’s a testament to the future of sustainable transportation.


It’s actually 3.7kwh not 4.


Okay, I’ll change it.

Crazy achievement :clap::clap:

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And closer to 3.4kWh usable battery available.
It’s nice you were able to achieve this range riding at 40-50Kmph Higher ranges have been achieved on older athers before. But riding at 25-30Kmph. So I’m sure your scooter can easily do 150+ at lower speeds but it’s real nice that 130+Km is achievable riding at a not too slow pace.


If I remember someone did achieve close to 140 something on Twitter I’ll tag if I find him


Very impressive

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Waiting to test this on my Gen 4 which is getting delivered on 4th Oct. 133KM is a good one.

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Congratulations on your new Ather.

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The average speed is 32.72kmph

Should someone teach speed and distance calculation to Ather’s pest control team?


Bro if u don’t mind can u even add above how was the comfort overall cuz 4hr ain’t :skull::skull:


i have done 170km in a day on my Gen3,took approx 5 hours as i was not trying to go above 60kmph and roads were bad.My lower back to tail bone started paining at the end even i was sitting in my dominar 400 posture which is like resting a bit on pillion cusion


There’s always a 5kmph deviation in odo reading vs actually speed so🤙.


It’s 10% not fix 5km.

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#respect Really impressive.

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It’s not much comfortable, but I’m doing it regularly so it’s not a big deal for me.

Is the delivery scheduled tomorrow? Are you getting the bike on 4th October?

My vehicle delivery is expected on Friday. Waiting for registration to get over. Vehicle allotment also has been done. I can see my Vehicle in the Ather App.


best of luck :partying_face:

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did you get your vehicle?