Ather 450 x : Riding Experience till 9200 km

Thirumugam is my name , user from Chennai.

I had purchased Ather 450x in last March 2021. Till now 9200 km passed without any issues, not even a single sec stoped in the way . I do the charging only at home with DOT every day since my office travel is 54 km both way.

Ather did a great engineering and testing before laughing the scooter , not like otheres in the market​:+1::pray::ok_hand:

I am very happy customer.

Great Indian product



Awesome. I’m from Chennai as well. I have prebooked the 450x. The bike is severely getting delayed to be delivered and words from owners such as you make it worth the wait. My waiting period is 50 days now. What was yours when you bought it sir? :slight_smile:


Demand increased after Ola debacle.


Can imagine. Even I wanted to order ola for its 180 km range when it was announced. Now we see the range is not as much, no idea about deliveries, service etc. Saw this video yesterday where it couldn’t climb a mountain with just the rider even in its powerful mode whereas Ather easily went up in ecomode with a pillion


I got the vehicle in 20 days in last Feb 2021


Hi zsameer,

I’m a proud Ather 450x Owner since Jan 6th 2022 based in Bengaluru.

In my honest Opinion, I would recommend you to wait bcuz this scooter is amazing. I’ve banked 680kms untill now and ive barely had any issues. The only thing i noticed was that the user must fill in Air to 30 PSI on back tyre if theyre planning to commute with pillion Rider. I think the default is 28 PSI by Ather from the factory.

This can be done at any Fuel Station for almost free.

I was among the few people who cancelled Ola S1 Pro as soon as they delayed the delivery and jumped to Ather 450x. I got my scooter in approx 14 days. (Date of Order Confirmation → Delivery including registration)

Take this as a 5/5 Recommendation.

But i also encourage you to talk with the community and get their opinion to make an informed decision :smiley:


Awesome. I’ll be here. I check everything about the scooter here in the forum as mine gets allotted. I have gained a lot of information on the EVs here. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to receiving mine.

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Not sure about OLA, but Ather has good performance in Hills even with continuous up-hill for several kilometers with a Pillion. Never faced power loss with continuous run.


Just make sure to go uphill in higher modes and not in lower modes (Eco & Ride). To reduce the stress on Motor and battery. Sport is best for ride with pillion.


Dear Team, Today my Ather scooter picked by Ather pickup service for 10000 km service. Morning 9.15 am from Avadi. Delivered with complete service at 8.00 pm on same day , placement of Both front and rear disc shoe with regular check points.

Perfect service without Evan paying single paisa.

Only what you need to do is to pay service subscription. Then every steps will go smooth.

Subscription per year with 2400 inr is fare price for my knowledge.

Great team in Chennai Nungambakkam, they are doing a good customer support for after sales too.

This is my real feedback. Thirumugam Devaraj

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Hi im vizag im also purchased 450x june 2021 now my Ather is 14500 odo with out any issues really a great engineering im daily 60 to 70 kms using only use dot charger


I brought Ather 450x grey colour from Chennai they told TAT time was 15 days but they delivered 13th day.5700km completed with in 6months No complients as of now.