Ather 450 Owners’ Meet - The Virtual Edition

Hey @Ather_Owner,

It’s been a while since we got all of you together, and now that there are a lot more who switched to the Ather 450, we are hosting the 5th Owners Meet. This time, we’re bringing all of our Ather 450 owners across Bengaluru and Chennai (The first owners’ meet for Chennai!), under one virtual roof. While we can’t meet on-ground, there’s no reason Owners’ Meets can’t go on :slight_smile:

When is the meet?

  • Sunday, 20 September, 11 AM - 1 PM

How will we meet?

  • We’ll be doing this virtually through an event platform. Look out for instructions on joining, and a link closer to the event in your inbox.

What we’ll do at the Meet:

  • A recap of the last few months and what’s been going on at Ather
  • Updates on upcoming OTAs, App updates
  • Sneak-peek into upcoming Ather Grid locations
  • Conversations over a Q&A session

Who would be there?

@tarun - CEO and Co-Founder

@prasannakumar.shetty - Lead, Service Delivery

@zarah.ahmed - Ather Grid Lead

@chaitanya.hegde - Product Manager, Software and Intelligence

@gandharv.bakshi - Centre of Excellence

And a lot more people to answer your questions. So keep your Sunday morning free, and join in! RSVP above!

Got questions? Reply with your questions, and we’ll answer the most liked ones at the Owners’ Meet. We’ll also have an interactive Q&A session at the Meet.


Ather has been reliable source of clean commuting in metropolitan cities like Bengaluru and Chennai (More cities soon).

But the question is, What are Ather’s plan for long distance commuting, since this plays major part for EV promotion in the demanding future?


Well 2 wheelers especially scooters aren’t really the ideal means of doing long distance commutes. So… I’m assuming until ather comes out with a bike or maybe even a car, we won’t be seeing long distance travel solutions. Network of ather fast chargers on highways connecting serviceable cities is a step towards it though.

  1. When will we get to see the Android dashboard?
  2. Will the Bluetooth helmet and the and TPMS accessory be available from the beginning itself?
  3. Can I opt for the TPMS even before delivery and can it be included in the Lease?
  4. What is the optional tyre brand and other details?
  5. When is the 4G Dongle option coming?

Agreed. But its still an option of individual interest of using two wheeler for long distance (maybe not very long, but between nearby cities).

And even my focus was not charging infrastructure between the connecting cities :grin:.


Not a Question . Its a Thoughts / Dream / Future …

  1. Why not PowerBank option to reach long Distance.

  2. 450 becoming to more smart its interesting and attractive.

  3. Now 450X becoming to much smart with multiple futures added music , calls, etc . Happy to receive 450X.

  4. Smart Scooter means , endless learning…

  5. Ather scooter Having facility of Dashboard with touch , Android OS , 24/7 4G Internet Service , Rechargeable battery , smartness software , etc So, why not This Ather Scooters become more useful to multipurpose… When scooter is in idle condition … { ex: to use Dashboard Web surf study purpose for student , As A Trainer to showing YouTube usefull videos. Dashboard become Full entrainment as a friend in alone situation. Etc,} we r nothing to lose anything bcoz we already have all basic facility (Dashboard, internet, Rechargeable Battery )in scooter. So we can achieve more and more …

  6. USB Charge pod for emergency need.

  7. Voice command for Keyless entry / Touch less Operations.(Map, search , on/Off, control music, Etc)

  8. it’s continues…


You guys are going to be giving battery health reports for the 450X on a monthly basis. Will this also be given for the 450 owners? We’ve been asking for the battery health status for a while now actually even before the dark mode I think. :blush: Would love to hear about any progress in this.


What is the thought process around opening up non-critical functions for the community to build widgets/apps?. Things such as charging reminders, geo-fencing, Alexa/Google assistant integration, remote charging cut-off, remote charger release at public grid points, etc


I am from Vizag, and i am using my ather here, i know that it will take many years for ather to come here, but i want to register my ather in this state, so listing the ather in this state also will be a great help

Can’t be thankful enough for a virtual event that a COVID high-risk person like me can actually attend. I have had to cancel the repair and upgrade for my Sony camera. Not repair my car due to in-person drops at the great Honda and lastly replace my phone to Samsung from Apple as irepair HSR requires in-person walkin. When will companies learn to change swiftly? I don’t own an apple or a honda anymore cos I can switch easily

Forgot to mention had to cancel my test drive for 450x cos it was inperson and friend saw too many people at Atherspace 2 days before

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  1. 450 and 450x PLC.
  2. Google assistant/alexa/IFTTT integration.
  3. Minimum/Maximum charge limiter in the app.
  4. Seamless app integration with android and ios in terms of widgets. Now that ios 14 supports widgets we’d love to see ather utilizing this feature.
  5. Better ride stats with map in the app. And day to day reports. (Top speed, range, efficiency)
  6. In general, what does the team think about the product life cycle of a connected EV. This is very important for consumers because it gives us the confidence as to how long we can use the vehicle efficiently with peak performance.
  7. Ather as a brand, what can we see in future? Different products and product lines in general.
  8. Investments and IPO.

Is the event started?

Yes it started.

Can you send the join link?

It’s a personalised link. It must be in your mailbox.

I have not received that mail. I have checked in spam folder also.

Still waiting … didn’t connecting

Late come 11:30 am , Still waiting for responses not accepting to join .

Hey this is happening on Zoom, can you check your email for a link to join?