Are there any chances for price drop of Ather 450X in upcoming days

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I have booked the Ather 450X after a lot of research. Unlike petrol vehicles, the cost would not increase with respect to time for EV vehicles (Considering it as an electronic gadget and also India might start large scale Li-battery manufacturing)

My question is, after buying Ather at the current price, should I be prepared for the price drop which may happen in the upcoming days (2 to 3yrs) or an excellent upgraded variant for the same cost.?

Or am I the only one who is thinking so?



3 Factors:

  • Product cost - Raw materials, Margin, Supply Chain, Operational Expenses
  • Competition - Depends on how Ola and any big players do it. Don’t expect any big change for 1 year. After that Ola may very well increase price which will set baseline for others :slight_smile:
  • Subsidy - FAME 2 is here to stay for 1-2 more years. so no shock for near future

In 2019, we all expected Lithium ion price to be at least 20% down. But, current battery replacement for cost for Ather 450 does not reflect any reduction.

Given the stage of 2W EV industry, competition may decide the price hike or reduction than anything else.

Short answer to ur qn: Near future, don’t expect any price-cut. You have to sell in used-market and upgrade if you see significantly better version.


Hi. Does the Ather 450x will have good resale value?

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I am also :wink: